B. 1974, Michigan, USA

"...he actually contributed to the Dutch Underground...and when I was very little, our parents told my older brother that the radio hidden in our house was a typewriter, just in case he were to bring it up unknowingly to the Nazi soldiers that would often come on the farm to eat and sleep."        - Stories from my mother, Weesp, the Netherlands

Through melding diverse building materials together, I primarily aim to create intrigue and encourage questions.  Similar to when one observes planetary bodies millions of miles away in the night sky, I also try to stir up ambiguity and wonderment in my work. Other influences that have begun to influence my works are the atrocities that continue to plague the world over and the haunting experiences my mother and her family endured during the 40s in the Netherlands. Conversely, I am equally moved and inspired by our natural world and the human potential for good and attempt to create a kind of visual equilibrium. I hope to achieve this visual balancing act by creating significant contrasts through combining the ceramic medium with unexpected yet ordinary materials -- rubber, wood, metal for example.

During 1992-93 I was a student at Lycee Jean-Puy in Roanne, France studying art (Terminal A3) through the Rotary International Study Abroad Program. At the University of Northern Colorado, I received a BA in Visual Arts and a BA in French in 1996. I continued to pursue an MFA in Art (ceramics) at Montana State University, Bozeman. I then transferred to Kansas State University, which was one of the most pivotal decisions I'd ever made. In 2002 I received my MFA in Art (ceramics) and shortly after I accepted a teaching position at Minnesota State University, Mankato where I continue to make work and teach.

Since 2000 I have been exhibiting my work throughout the USA and abroad.

Feel free to contact with any questions or comments.